a MULA! Brand is a brand of trust and togetherness.In short Friendship.

a MULA! Brand is a brand of trust and togetherness.
In short Friendship.

Branding is misunderstood.

Everyone, from countries to political parties to organizations to individual is encouraged to think themselves as a brand from past few years. At its best branding is caring, measuring and understanding how other see you and what you do to take account of it, without abandoning what you stand for. At worst it is about putting cynical gloss or spins on your product and services or actions to mislead or manipulate to exploit.


Branding is most of the time misunderstood. During financial crunches it is the first title that would be cut down to manage the cost. Perhaps this is due to lack of full understanding among senior manager on what successful branding really is. If branding is treated as a cosmetic exercise only, and regarded merely as

a new name/logo, stationery and possibly a new advertising campaign, then it will have only a superficial effect at best. Whereas branding is reality with lag effect. In fact all great brands are built on bedrock of trust derived from customers’ experience of buying and using products and services sold under the brand name.

June 5, It is world environment day. Well, as a business student I am also considering Political Environment, Economical Environment, Social Environment and Technological Environment (PEST) to celebrate World Environment Day. And I suppose slogan represents them too. THINK EAT SAVE.

आज कसैको आकास रोएको छ,
कसैको धर्ती सुकेको छ-
मेरो आस्था भोको भएको छ।

मैले तिमीलाई कहिल्यै भनिन,
कती रातो छ हाम्रो माया भनेर,
सबै कुसुमको रङ्ग तिम्रो जस्तै लाग्छ भनेर,
सुर्य उडाउंदाको आकाश झैं लाग्छ तिम्रो साथ।

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what is that?

It’s pity that I cant accept my own invitation.

It’s pity that I cant accept my own invitation.


Date: 6th May 2013
Time: 3:30 Pm
Location: Local retail store

Lady enters the store. (Age: seems like she is in early thirties, Occupation: Seems like working mother)
Lady: साउजी Lays दिनुस् न ।
Sauji: लिनुस्। (He gives her Kwiks Chips, packaging of Kwiks exactly looks like Lays.)
Lady: यो त Kwiks Chips हो।
Sauji: यो Kwiks Lays Chips हो।
Lady: OK

Here I see serious Branding Problem of both product, Lays and Kwiks.
Nice push marketing by Sauji. But there is serious threat for both brands. Pepsico might be thinking that their advertisement in Indian media is enough for Nepalese Market but do they know their share of market is taken by Kwiks in this way?
Chaudhary Group is one of the prestigious industrialists in Nepal. Binod Chaudahry is in Billionaires Club. But do his products have their own identity?
(I know there are various similar cases in Nepalese Market. In long run we might face serious Identity Crisis in market because there are huge range of such products in every kind.)